Our concern for sustainability informs our factory design and construction. We truly care about the environment and being “green”, and look to provide our staff and the surrounding community with a clean, green and safe working environment.

Registered as generators of hazardous waste, TBS complies with environmental laws by regularly evaluating and reporting on environmental impact. In fact, we work directly with a waste management and transport company to eliminate to the extent possible hazardous agents resulting from production.

Years of concerted effort have resulted in a modern, environmentally-friendly network of TBS factories and facilities. Our footwear and bag factories currently operate an advanced waste and chemical management system. In addition, the Executive Board is keenly interested in the careful environmental monitoring of the company’s logistics activities. Therefore, our policies aim to minimize any large-scale operations which may cause harm to the environment.



TBS Manufacture Green Initiatives

  • The waste management system which began operating on November 7, 2014 is able to differentiate domestic sewage (Type A) and industrial sewage (Type B) at a capacity of up to 1,500 m3 / day-night.
  • Usage of environmentally-friendly, water-based chemicals in 100% of our bag production and 80% of our footwear production (with the remaining 20% utilizing non-Toluene adhesives).
  • Dust, exhaust, and solvents from the production process are captured by exhaust hoods and fans, then processed and cleaned through a Cyclone system before being discharged via a 12-meter high stack.
  • The Cyclone system is capable of processing up to 10 tons of boiler exhaust per hour using a water absorption method with the resultant exhaust then discharged through a 14 meter-high stack.

ICD TBS Logistics Green Initiatives

  • The ICD TBS Tan Van Warehouse is coated with new Thermo Tec technology which reduces radiant heat by 6 degrees on the roof, minimizes the UHI effect and reduces energy consumption by 15%.
  • Modern security system including cameras, fire suppression systems and 24-hour security guards contribute towards a safe, comfortable working environment.
  • Through the design of the surrounding park-like area, TBS aims to promote green energy and a healthy environment for our workers.