Distributing international fashion and sports brands

Having established ourselves as Vietnam’s leading retailer and distributor, TBS Retail is solidifying our status as experts in the field of shoes and bags. Our extensive countrywide store coverage and understanding of the domestic market have led to increased sales and the delivery of quality goods and services.


Rigorous pursuit of becoming Vietnam’s premier retailer and distributor.


Deliver innovative, quality products and superior services to better the lives of our valued customers.


Products and Services

We are distributors of high-end, world-renowned fashion and sports product lines as well as being a retail partner for international brands in Vietnam.

Goals and Future Objectives

Provide unsurpassed value to our customers as Vietnam’s leading retailer and distributor through continued in-depth market research, network expansion, and technology.

Competitive Advantages

•    Passionate, highly-skilled workforce.
•    In-depth knowledge of the market.
•    Footwear and Bag expertise.
•    Comprehensive understanding of relevant laws and the domestic market.
•    Strong relationships with local partners and agencies.
•    Leader in the warehouse and logistics industries.
•    Systematic management utilizing the latest technology.
•    Well-funded.

  • Footwear and Bag expertise

  • In-depth knowledge of the market

  • Strong relationships with local partners and agencies

Our Customers

Eighth consecutive year as exclusive retailer and distribution partner to ECCO – with 16 stores stretching the length of Vietnam, making ECCO one of the highest revenue-earning companies.