The exceptional growth experienced by TBS Group springs from our core values, organizational structure, key milestones and achievements as well as the outstanding contributions from our Board.


The TBS Group Structure

TBS Group invests in and develops 6 key businesses: Footwear, Handbags, Investment and Asset Management, Logistics, Hospitality and Retail. Each business plays an important role in the growth and development of TBS


Core Values

People, Innovation and Creativity, Growing and Sharing Together, and Social Responsibility have been our core values since the very beginning.


Development Milestones

Founded in 1989, TBS has achieved important development milestones in an effort to solidify the role of Vietnamese industry within the global supply chain.


Key Achievements

The TBS team takes immense pride in what we have been able to achieve in the fields of production and export, technology innovation and the development of corporate culture.



The Board of Executives at TBS Group is structured into two main functions: Supervision is provided by the Steering Committee; and Operations, Finance and Sales is looked after by the Management Board . The skilled leadership and long-range strategic vision shared by our executives is the key to the growth and success of TBS.