A provider of international-standard bags, wallets, backpacks

Though relatively new to the handbag scene, TBS is gaining a global reputation for producing high-quality products.


With a strong, innovative workforce under a visionary, strategic leadership team, we will achieve sustainable growth for Vietnam’s bag industry in the global marketplace.


Be the strategic provider of choice, offering excellent value to our customers and partners by producing high-quality, international-standard leather bags.


 By 2017, we will expand every facet of our production scale, increase the number of employees to 13,500, and achieve our annual production target of 10 million bags and 13,000 models.

Competitive Advantages

  • Highly skilled, well-trained workforce.
  • Large-scale infrastructure: Two modern, well-managed factories with 6,700 employees and a production capability of 4 million bags and 6,800 models annually.
  • High-tech, advanced sewing technology and production facilities
  • Highly skilled, well-trained workforce

  • Large-scale infrastructure

  • High-tech, advanced sewing technology and production facilities

Business Partners

TBS is Vietnam’s first ever bag manufacturer engaged by Coach, a renowned international luxury bag brand, propelling Vietnam’s bag industry onto the global scene. TBS is proud to be the strategic business partners of many world-wide famous brands such as: Coach, Decathlon, Vera Bradley, Tory Burch, Titleist and more.