The TBS Story

“If the world can, we can.” Based on a firm belief in the talent and ability of the Vietnamese people, we have built and broadened TBS over the past 25 years, demonstrating the great potential of Vietnamese industry in the global marketplace

I was born to a family of educators in Thai Binh Province. Even as a young boy, I saw the struggles and poverty my countrymen experienced which fueled in me a burning desire to help make my country prosperous, on par with the world’s leading nations.

As a young man, those childhood ambitions continued to burn bright, and after some time in the military, I immersed myself in study with a view to one day having a share in building my country’s economy.

The day we completed our military training, Bich, Son and I began our “economic assault” on the business world with a brash idea to set up a leather footwear company. Our “baby” is now a giant, one of Vietnam’s largest international manufacturers.

We were thrilled to see our dream become a reality when in September 1992 we official established our first footwear factory. The experience and perseverance gained from our time in the military provided a solid foundation on which we built the TBS Group. With our brothers-in-arms and our colleagues, we have positioned TBS to help achieve our goal of expanding the role of Vietnamese industry in the global market.


Built on the principles of patriotism, the TBS Group shares many qualities with Vietnam’s bamboo tree ― strength, resilience and growth ― making it a truly fitting symbol for our brand. The bamboo symbolizes great national pride, both for me and for every dedicated member of the TBS Group.

Over the past 25 years, TBS has succeeded in creating stable employment for many. We take pride in our workforce – our most valuable asset and a formidable factor in the growth and development, not just of our group, but that of Vietnam’s industry as a whole. We are committed to promoting education and training in order to bring Vietnam’s intellectual resources to the forefront of the global marketplace.

From humble beginnings as a small sewing factory and workshop, TBS has established itself as a leading manufacturer with world-class partners including Skechers, Decathlon and Wolverine in the footwear industry; Coach, Lancaster and Tory Burch in the bag industry; and Damco, APL, DHL and Geodis in the logistics field. These partnerships represent the success, not just of an individual or a single company, but of Vietnamese industry as a whole.

Moving forward with passion and unity and based on the principles of integrity, perseverance and wisdom, TBS is committed to providing unsurpassed value to our clients while helping Vietnamese industries achieve global standards.
In spirit, in strength, in like mind, together we can build the future!

ceo-signature                                                                            Nguyễn Đức Thuấn