How do I know the recruitment from TBS Group?

When a vacancy arises, the Recruitment team will post on TBS Group website and job-online sites. You can track down these jobs via TBS Group website – Career Section, or via, VietnamWorks.

Will we have to make any payment for TBS Group job application?

TBS Group commits we will not require any payment from applicants during the recruitment process.

What is TBS Group recruitment procedure?

Please log-on  for further information

Do we have to bring any papers/documents for the interview?

We do not require any papers/documents but you should prepare full copies of your personal papers/documents in case there are special requirements.

Also, you should bring personal paper/documents attached with your photo for entry- procedure

Who will attend in the interview panel?

You will attend the interview with:

  • Recruitment/HR officers
  • Experts from the department you applied to

In some special cases, you will interview with C-level executives for strategic planning. We would like to make sure that your capacity, knowledge and attitude will be assessed fairly.

Which papers should I include in the application documents?

They are:

 How many ways to apply for the posted jobs?

There are 03 ways:

  • Apply by submitting hard copies of your application documents at TBS offices/branches you would like to work for.
  • Apply via email: attached you application documents and email us at
  • Apply directly to any job post on TBS Group website.


  • For email application, please use the subject [full name]_[Application position]_[Your work place]
  • For online application: please fill all your information and click the “send” button. We will receive the documents after the word “sent” appears on your screen.





Who will I contact for interview when I arrive?

Please contact the reception desk for information.

Can I get back my application documents?

According to TBS policy, we do not return your documents and they will be archived within 06 months.

If I do not pass the interview, can I apply for other positions in TBS Group?

You can apply for other positions. However, you are not allowed to apply for the position you do not pass at any branches of TBS Group.

As a graduate student, without any experience, can I apply in TBS Group?

Obviously you can. TBS Group always welcomes young, dynamic, creative applicants to join our workforce. For experience-required positions, based on specific circumstances, graduate students can apply if you can prove to us the potential of your career development.

I have attended an interview/test at TBS Group, when will I have the final result?

The result would be officially sent out by our recruitment team via email or phone within 02 weeks after the interview/test.

I have been invited to the interview but could not make it due to some personal reasons, may I apply for the next job post?

Please inform us if you cannot attend the interview. We will contact you later for the interview when a position arises.

I really long to work for TBS Group; however, all the available vacancies are not suitable for my major. Therefore, could I apply in advance?

Yes, you can. We really appreciate candidates who apply before our job is posted. Your application will be noted and archived; we will contact you immediately when a suitable vacancy arises.