TBS GROUP – Three consecutive years of TOP 10 Vietnam Sustainable Enterprise

TBS GROUP – Three consecutive years of TOP 10 Vietnam Sustainable Enterprise

2018 is the third consecutive year that TBS Group is evaluated and recognized as a Vietnam Sustainable Development Enterprise (manufacturing sector), and is also honored to win THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS OF TOP 10 VIET NAM SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES – co-organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD).

According to the 2018 Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI), the TBS Group is rated on 131 criteria, such as maintaining stable economic growth; to make good progress and social justice; rational exploitation, economical use of natural resources, protection and quality improvements of living environments.

In terms of economic growth, TBS Group continues to maintain steady growth, with six key business sectors: manufacturing of footwear and handbags, logistics, retail, real estate and tourism to maintain its position as a leading domestic enterprise with the goal of integrating into a global enterprise.

During nearly 30 years of operation, TBS Group has always strived to be a prestigious brand, not only for its financial potential but also for its professionalism in providing services, and building trust and relationships with customers, workers, suppliers, shareholders, and society.

As for the fashion industry, TBS ranks fifth in the top 10 leather footwear enterprises and fourth in the bag-making industry in Vietnam. Representative offices, factories, and TBS products are present in many countries around the world, such as America, Europe and Asia.

With an international outlook, TBS is mastering the global value chain with a closed supply chain,  mastering systems technology, having international product development centers, and making sure experts, professionals, and technicians are well-trained to master the technologies of the industry – they can design and create quality products that fit the tastes of their customers as well as meeting  increasing demands of partners. This is also the core force, helping the corporation to catch up with changes brought about by Industry 4.0.

In the field of financial investment, the sectors of real estate investment and industrial infrastructure, Ports & Logistics, Tourism, and Trade and Services are also developing continuously, contributing to the progress of growth of TBS business annually.

In addition to the strong economic growth, TBS has also paid great attention to the care of over 40,000 employees, in order to maintain and develop long-term human resources. This is an important mission and a leading objective in corporate sustainability. TBS has taken specific actions such as paying close attention to welfare and occupational safety policies, building housing facilities for workers, building trade unions at each facility to subsidize for periodic health workers or the DECA-HEALTH project – on-site visits and on-the-job training, training activities – work training, etc.

At the same time, TBS has been a “Silent Warrior” for the community – TBS has always carried out its annual and active social and community responsibilities locally and nationally through such activities as: construction of charity houses and schools; sponsoring community and cultural events; participating in training young talent at universities; providing support facilities for graduate students at the university; expanding factories to rural locales to create more jobs for people; creating a child protection fund in Binh Duong; providing relief to people in the flood-prone areas, and contributing to meaningful cultural activities in order to pay tribute to heroic martyrs.

TBS is also committed to keeping the environment green, in parallel with the entire business and production activities of the Group, by investing in advanced infrastructure systems; modern wastewater treatment system; Training of technicians who shall be responsible for controlling all possible risks to the environment, managing, protecting, and using efficiently and economically the electricity and water resources; Take initiative in the usage of raw materials when applying to advanced Lean model…

TBS’s inclusion for 3 successive years in the Top 10 Vietnam Sustainable Enterprise is evidence of the Corporation’s commitment and endless effort for the common goal, contributing to the nation, on all three sustainability pillars: economic development, social and environmental community.

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